Promolform Paste 64W

A water soluble special greasing agent for chipless cold forming operations on stainless steels, especially high grade steels. It chemical composition is attuned to iron oxalate coatings as lubricating layer, e.g. stainless steel bonder. Equal results will be obtained by the use of manganese oxalate layers. 
PROMOLFORM PASTE 64W is applicable at room temperature through dipping the oxalate-coated tubes in the aqueous drawing agent. It is expedient, to design the dipping bath with a heating plant and to heat PROMOLFORM PASTE 64W up to 60-70°C for filling or supplementation of the bath. Also during winter months a temperature rise to approximately 25°C is recommended.
After rundown of surplus drawing agent, an unobjectionable drying is necessary, because only a dry film shows best drawing results. Low rests of humidity, especially inside of the tubes, induce forming of scratches. The drying happens with fresh air of approximately 120°C in a drying-chamber. Temperatures above 130°C are to avoid, because they induce a thermal decomposition of the oxalate layer. 
By unobjectionable pre-treatment PROMOLFORM PASTE 64W allows cross section reductions up to 40% und drawing speeds up to 20 meter/minute. By set up the drawing process it is to observe, that in general only a heavy mandrel tube drawing is possible, which should contain the whole cross section reduction. A hollow draw can follow without intermediate greasing.
With the aid of hot alkaline cleaners PROMOLFORM PASTE 64W can be unobjectionable removed from the drawn surface. For removing the oxalate layer subsequently short pickling in mineral acids is sufficient. 
PROMOLFORM PASTE 64W - waste disposal: solutions which have become unusable through enrichment with foreign matter are to be treated according to the regulations for waste water. Proposals to this end - taking your operational environment into account - will be made by our Technical Service.

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