Sprays and technical liquids with H1-approval


Temperature areas


FLC 8 H1

-20°C to +100°C

High viscous and very adhesive spray for heavy
duty transmission chains, cams, curve discs, guide systems, slides and open
cogwheels; FLC 8 H1 is noise absorbing. The active substance of LA 8H1 has
been tested by the chain producer Renold in a very positive way.

FLC 367

-20°C to +130°C (+180°C)

Grease spray showing high resistance to steam,
acids and alkalis. Well tested with transmission and lift chains, guide
systems, spindles.
Further a good means for assembly of sealing,

FLC 675 R+S


Cleaning agent for oil- and grease mudded
machinery components with lubrication effects. The remaining thin oil layer
offers a short-term lubrication and avoids a dry- running at machine
components being in motion.
( example transmission chains)

FLC 745

max. +170°C

This medium-viscous silicone spray forms a
visual not perceptible, thin, non-glueing sli- ding layer which can be
applied on metal, non-metal, wood, rubber, paper, card board or plastic

FLC 3010

-20°C to +120°C

This resin- and acid free paraffin aerosol
offers outstanding creepability characteristics in gaps and fits.

FLC 9010

-35°C to +160°C

This fully synthetic, resistant to aging oil
spray is ideal for the lubrication of bearings, chains, guide systems and
joints in an extended temperature working area. This spray can be also used
under high-temperature conditions.

MBF 370

-5°C to +120°C

Anti-corrosion spray for temporary – and
long-term protection. This spray prevents the staining of alloy sheet-metal
under salt water influence. Due to its extreme high-pres- sure abilities in
conjunction with small dust take-up, we recommend the use also when
lubrication must be carried out where it is engulfed by dust and dirt.